About Us

We love a challenge. Insurance companies have historically come up with new requirements, reasons, and excuses not to pay claims. Recognizing this, in 1993 our founder began providing investigative services to hospitals. Over the years, our company, which evolved into Pinnacle Healthcare Recovery Partners, developed proprietary techniques that stand up to insurance companies’ constantly changing denial tactics. We apply these techniques in our partnerships with hospital finance departments to maximize financial recovery on accounts receivable.

We leave no stone unturned. Not only do we find insurance, we find the right insurance because we have a unique way of approaching bill reimbursement. We don’t stop with the first payer uncovered. We continue our investigation until we discover all legally responsible parties. We don’t leave our clients vulnerable to negative audits or retracted payments. Partner with Pinnacle to improve your bottom line and have confidence that your payments are legal, accurate and proper. You’ll see how better discovery equals better recovery.

We pick the big-boys’ pockets. We uncover the payers that other agencies miss or don’t even know are options. We provide targeted recovery for tough accounts such as auto accidents, workers’ compensation and other difficult-to-collect cases. We get results.

We walk the beat. With vast experience in all areas of insurance claims recovery, Pinnacle’s licensed private investigator and trained team of account analysts, thoroughly examine each file. We find the best way to reach the desired conclusion as quickly as possible, including the use of mobile notaries. Then, we do whatever it takes, legally and ethically, to get it done for our clients and the patients.