Our Difference

We’re different. Here’s how:
At Pinnacle, we truly believe that every unpaid claim has a story. And the more you dig to learn the story, the more you recover. Our ability to unearth facts that no other agency can is what enables us to deliver impressive results for our healthcare clients.

Research: Every account, every case is different. When you give us an assignment, an experienced analyst examines the account and determines the appropriate method for resolving that account. It means digging deep to uncover facts and details that allow us to find the responsible insurance company where others never think to look. It means tracking down missing witnesses or having a mobile notary meet with patients to acquire signed documents required by the carrier. It means going head to head with an adjuster or nurse reviewer to get the payment that is rightfully due your organization. We do whatever it takes to bring the case to resolution.

Recovery: We understand the value of your patient relationships. Our approach and the relationship we build with patients leads to impressive results for our healthcare clients. By advocating for both the patient and the hospital, we recover payments, increase our clients’ bottom line and improve their image in the community.

Revenue: We specialize in unpaid motor vehicle and workers compensation cases, as well as coordination of benefits claims and high dollar health insurance denials. We investigate multiple avenues to identify insurance and meet with patients to resolve issues preventing payment of your bill. By exploring all possibilities of recovery, we have added millions of dollars to our clients’ bottom lines. One week, we recovered $1.4 million for a client on just two accounts. These two accounts were thought to be uncollectable and were about to be written off until a member of their finance team called Pinnacle.