Patient Advocacy

You may think it would be easy to get the needed insurance information from the patient, either while under your care or with a quick phone call from your patient accounting office. But sometimes, what seems to be a simple task, can be much more time-consuming than it first appears. Outsourcing these accounts to Pinnacle allows your staff to spend time on the routine accounts that are ready to bill.

You may be thrilled to get insurance only to be disappointed that it’s incorrect. You may receive bad information because the patient doesn’t understand who the legal primary payer is or because the patient provides the wrong information, innocently or otherwise.

You may come to the point where you have the right information only to discover that the patient isn’t complying and the carrier won’t pay until information or documentation is provided by the patient.

Pinnacle understands the why behind the patient and the insurance companies’ actions. By advocating for and working with your patients, we are able to quickly and effectively facilitate a successful resolution.

The hospital staff has already sent letters and made calls. Sending it to a collection agency that will duplicate what has been done many times over can waste valuable time on the claim. We stand apart from all other agencies in locating, engaging and assisting the patient. We are able to legally conduct investigations, notarize documents onsite and take sworn statements from patients when required.

Patients look at Pinnacle Analysts and Mobile Notaries as advocates in the confusing and overwhelming insurance and medical worlds.