Patient Questions

Who is Pinnacle and why are you contacting me?Hospitals hire Pinnacle when they need help being paid for services they provided to you. You are part of a fine group of people who may need assistance in having your insurance company pay your medical bills.

But don’t worry, we’re here to help and in most cases not asking for money.

We need your help finding out who is responsible for paying your bills or sometimes why they aren’t paying them.

We may have sent you a letter, called, or had someone knock on your door for help with these questions:

  • Who is your insurance company?
  • Do you have more than one insurance?
  • Would you complete a form or affidavit, that your insurance carrier needs before they will pay your bill?
  • Can you provide us with details of where your injury or accident took place?

If you have heard from us, give us a call or complete the form to the right. Our friendly staff members are here to help you resolve the outstanding bill in question as quickly and painlessly as possible, because you matter to us.