Client Testimonies – Our recovery rates may sound too good to be true, but our clients will tell you that Pinnacle delivers outstanding professional service, exceptional value and industry-leading recovery rates.

“Nobody does the work at the level that they do. They take specific auto (accident)-type cases from hospitals that otherwise the hospital would lose money on because they would never be able to collect.”

“They actually try to find payers out there that would be responsible for paying those claims such as auto insurance, such as workers comp insurance, and in some cases they find other insurance that these patients have that still entitles the hospital to get paid. Nobody really takes it to the level that they do, that’s my personal perspective.”

“They’re making the connection with the patient and making the patient feel comfortable with what is being asked of them. Often the patient does not understand what is being asked of them and they are afraid to comply, for whatever reason. They are able to go out and put the patient at ease. In turn, they’re comfortable giving the information to them.”

“They were a consistent, caring business partner the entire time that I dealt with them. They were the most dependable outside firm that I dealt with.”

Patient Testimonies

“I just wanted to say a few lines and express my appreciation to your company for all the help you have given me. You kept my family up to date with all the information pertaining to my case. I want to thank everyone in the company, for (your) persistence and concern.”

– Bill M.